A Guide Choosing a Gas Stove for Your Kitchen

A Stove is an indispensable part of any kitchen. Whether you are looking for something sophisticated and precise you just need an efficient and effective model for a great cooking experience. Gas stoves are highly regarded for their exact heat control and instant heat-ups they offer. Gas stoves come in a much broader range in today’s market with different styles, tops and finishes, and a huge range of burner layouts and sizes.

If you’re remodelling your kitchen? Or shopping for a new stove? Have you thought about getting yourself a gas stove? Gas stoves can save you space and it can add a more modern style to your kitchen.


Cooking in Style 

Choosing the right gas stove depends on your style of cooking and the size of your family. What kind of food do you prefer to cook? How many burners do you usually use? Whether it’s baking, grilling, roasting, or frying, knowing how you’ll use your gas stove will help you weigh the value of all the different features, sizes, and gas stove prices.



The one thing you need to consider is the space you have available in your kitchen. Measure the space you have available for your gas stove and make sure you choose a size and shape that fits your kitchen. Depending on your space you can also use gas cooktops and use the cabinet underneath for storage.


You’re Budget

How much you’re willing to spend can help you with a limit or broaden your search. Gas stoves are more costly than electric ones, however, some electric stoves come with unique features that are pricier. Apart from the initial cost, take into consideration the extra expenses such as your gas usage and possible part replacements.


Gas Stove Features & Benefits

Gas stoves come in a range of control designs and features that make a huge difference when you prepare meal so it’s useful to know what’s available.


  • Safety Valves

Most gas stove ranges have safety valves that adjust the flow of gas through to the stove. When you turn the burner on, the pilot will heat up. When the pilot gets hot enough, a sensor in the thermostat opens the valve and allows gas to flow through. When the thermostat cools down the safety valve opens again. This prevents gas from flowing through the stove when you are not using it.


  • Electric Ignition

Most modern gas stoves have an electric igniter which helps reduce the amount of gas the stove uses. Instead of gas flames, that’s always lit, the igniter provides extra safety. It also loses its power as soon as the burner reaches the temperature you set it to be on.


  • Durability

The metal grates on gas stove tops are harder than the electric range smooth tops. Metal grates will be able to withstand heavy or rough textured cookware without any problems.


  • Cost-Effective

When paying your bills, gas is normally cheaper than electricity. Even if the cost of your gas range is originally more expensive, paying less on your monthly bills will save you if the long run.


  • Ready for Anything

With load shedding being so constant and unpredictable, you are still able to cook a meal on most gas stoves. You can by hand ignite the burners with a match or lighter. This makes gas stoves a major benefit for all South Africans.


Once you’ve got an idea of what suits your cooking style, your home, and your budget you can have a look at our range of gas stoves for sale. Visit our website for more information on gas stove prices!