cooking appliances

Many elements contribute to the success of the ELBA brand: expertise,  professionalism, attention to design and the continual pursuit of excellence. All these values can be summarised in a single word: talent.

Since 1950, the year of its launch, this has always defined the organisation as a brand which showcases the Made in Italy style and class of our products, which includes stove, ovens and hobs. ELBA originated from one man’s initiative, the founder Elio Baggio, who year upon year interpreted the demands and tastes of family life, surrounding himself with partners who shared his values and were able to bring projects to fruition. Attention to detail, passion for technology and talent led the company to become an integral part of the “Italian economical miracle” of the postwar period, now called Italian Style. The ability to translate customers’ wishes into attractive, functional, simple to use appliances, meant that soon the fame of the ELBA brand outstripped Italian borders, from the Middle East to Africa, and into the Far East. Our products feature in the houses of millions of customers, in many countries throughout the world.

Today, the Fisher & Paykel Italy Group is one of the undisputed leaders in cooking appliances, and ELBA continues to be the brand which represents the company philosophy: superior quality. From our background we have inherited expertise and stability, but we are always looking to the future, seeking original ideas. We pay meticulous attention to every detail and always choose the best partners who support us in our pursuit of excellence. Our commitment and love for what we do are the driving force which allows us to expand and affirm our “Talent for Cooking”. If Made in Italy has become an authentic global brand, it is due to two factors: superior product quality and unique, elegant design. Even in the simpler lines Italian style is always distinctive, combining craftsmanship and creativity to create attractive but at the same time practical designs. Our cooking appliances are inspired by simplicity and passion as the ELBA brand is completely Made in Italy from the design stage to production of the individual components.

Our ambition is to be the mainstay of your kitchen: a unique space that merits desirability, practicality and quality at the highest level.