An Expert Guide on Buying an Oven and Hob for Your Home

More people are now opting for built-in ovens and hobs opposed to getting a freestanding range especially with all the cooking features available. An oven and hob are one of the most frequently used kitchen appliances. If you are in the market for a new oven and hob, you need to do ample research to find out the different types available for you and what advantages it can bring to your kitchen. When it comes to choosing an oven and hobs for sale, it can easily become overwhelming. Taking into consideration what you like to cook can help you slim down your choices. Our expert guide is here to help you choose the best oven and hob for your home.

Things to Look Out for When Choosing an Oven and Hob

Any good oven nowadays comes standard with a programmable timer and a fan oven, this is but only the basic features. In addition to these features, there is now an enormous variety of improved functions for you to choose from. From the fuel types to the number of hobs or zones you require and not forgetting health and safety requirements. Choosing the right hob for your kitchen will also depend on how you like to cook, if you prefer instant heat and precise control or if you prefer convenience and ease of use. Let’s help you break down each fuel type more so you can have a better understanding so you can make the right choice.


A gas hob is the traditional one and the most popular type of hob. It powers up and provides instant heat and control over your cooking. Gas hobs also come with removable racks which are more expensive but so much easier to clean. You will need the main gas supply if you want to have one installed.


An induction hob is exceptional and it’s becoming a go-to choice for most modern kitchens. They are more energy-efficient than the gas range and it adjusts to temperature changes twice as fast and they are easy to clean. Inductions hobs are more expensive to buy. You will need pans and pots that have a magnetic, cast-iron or stainless-steel base to prevent any form of scratching.


Ceramic hobs are an ideal choice if you are looking for elegance and convenience. They are not as reactive as a gas or induction hob but they do have many incredible features such as sensors, timers and also touch control. The ceramic hob finish fits perfectly on top of your kitchen countertop and because they are powered by electricity they are simple to use. They are much cheaper than induction hobs and bear in mind they do take a bit longer to heat up.

Solid Plate

Solid plate hobs are very simple to use and will provide you with powerful and even cooking. Solid plates are also powered by electricity. The sealed plates transfer heat to your pots and they are not the fastest when heating up. Once heated the steady increase of heat can allow your food to cook through evenly.

Where to Position an Oven and Hob

Both ovens and hobs should be kept away from windows and doors. They could be a potential risk to your curtains and it can endanger people entering or walking into your kitchen. Ideally, hobs must only be positioned above an oven and not over anything else. There should be 300mm of workstation space on both sides of the hob and there must be a minimum upright distance of 650mm between a hob and an extractor. Pinpoint your cooking surface near a wall where steam can easily be removed.

So, If you are looking to purchase and install an oven and hob, feel free to visit our website for oven and hob prices and oven and hob for sale specials we have available. We hope our blog guided you to buy products best suited for your home.