An Oven Suitable For a Baker

If you enjoy baking or you often bake for your family then you would benefit from an oven that is designed for a baker. The 60cm Elio Baker Oven has been manufactured with features that makes it a fantastic pizza and baker oven.

The Elio Baker Oven has a 300 degrees Celsius temperature feature that allows you to cook pizza in 4 to 5 minutes. That may sound like magic because your family won’t have to wait ages for a pizza because it will be ready in only 5 minutes. The 40 degrees Celsius temperature feature is ideal for the leavening of dough. Plus it has a special leavening and pizza function which can be accessed directly via the knob controls.

In addition to baking it also has a cooking function. The 3D multi cooking function gives you the option to cook different foods on the different levels at the same time. That is an interesting feature because you can multitask cooking your meals in this electric oven. This makes cooking quicker when you arrive home after work. The food can be placed on the telescopic sliding shelves and you can use the electronic programmer to set the functions for the cooking duration.

For the avid baker this oven includes cooking equipment as well. For pizza baking there is a pizza stone. For baking there is a baking tray. Plus there are two shelves, a tray, telescopic sliding shelf supports and a fat filter. These additions mean that you can bake to your heart’s content in this oven that is manufactured for your baking convenience.

If you bake a lot then you probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen so you would want your kitchen to look beautiful too. The 60cm Elio Baker Oven has been designed with a sleek design, an elegant silver finish and a brushed metal finish on the knobs and the handle. It is a stylish unit that features a 3-glass door with a removable inner glass for easy cleaning. Plus the enamel cavity inside the oven is easy to clean. An oven and hob can be fitted into your kitchen units and form part of the complete look of your kitchen. So you can look good in your beautiful kitchen while baking amazing cakes, pizzas and various other meals.

If you have children that love pizza and want it all the time then it is worth making your own pizzas because you can decide on the toppings and get creative with the layout of the toppings too. You can do the same when you decorate cakes and cupcakes. It’s a fun way to also get your children involved and to spend quality time with them.

The 60cm Elio Baker Oven has been designed for the avid baker who enjoys baking cakes and pizzas but also wants to be able to cook meals. It makes baking and cooking tasks more convenient and speedy. So you can enjoy time in your kitchen while baking delicious pizzas, delectable cakes and wonderful meals for your family.

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