Andiswa the future is yours.




My name is Andiswa Yavela Mqedlana currently studying at the Jackie Cameron School of food and wine doing an 18 month culinary arts mentorship course under Chef Jackie.

From a very young age food was a big part of my life, I started cooking from a very young age and learnt alot about food as my years and technologyprogressed.

My journey with food is at its optimum, coming to this school has given me such exposure and awareness to what is really out there regarding food.

Prior to starting chef training I did have behind the scenes training with Chef Jackie and that on its own has given me great standing ground in understanding a chefs world.

The sky is the limit and even beyond, because of opportunities that have come my way, like being an Elba sponsored student and ambassador I would like to push the brand ‘Elba’ to becoming a household name and definitely training the less fortunate about food and giving them fundamentals about food, lastly To own a ‘cafe lounge’ in Johannesburg Maboneng precinct.

Thank you Chef Ramola
Andiswa Mqedlana sponsored student