Creating Amazing Meals With The 120cm Concept Gas Electric Cooker

When you enjoy cooking you feel proud when you are creating amazing meals. It’s even more of an achievement when people like your family and friends complement you on your wonderful dishes. It encourages you to want to cook and bake more. If you are an avid home chef then you need appliances that can help you to create these dishes and the 120cm Concept Gas Electric Cooker is one of them.

The 120cm Concept Gas Electric Cooker is a formidable electric gas stove that has interesting features to help you with your cooking and baking efforts. This kitchen appliance is designed with a cooktop, three ovens and a drawer. That’s right, it has three ovens: one on the top left side, one on the bottom left side and one on the top right side. The drawer is positioned at the bottom right side of this unit.

The cooktop is made of stainless steel and has five gas burners which include a dual burner and two triple rings. Plus it also has a vitroceramic griddle and enamelled cast iron pan supports. On this cooktop you can cook to your heart’s content and with the gas flame you can heat up the pots rather quickly and have better control over the heat. Imagine the wonderful meals you can make from curry to stew and soup to pasta. Plus you can make interesting stir fry dishes in a wok on the cast iron wok stand.

In the three ovens you can go wild with your imagination because now you can bake and grill all at the same time. In the top right oven there is a tray, shelf and a pastry plate so you can make pastries and bake cakes in this oven. The bottom left oven is a convection electric oven with a rotisserie and it also includes a tray and a shelf. You can roast whole chicken, leg of lamb or roast other meats or vegetables in this oven. The top left oven is a convection electric oven with a grill that comes with a shelf and grill pan. In this one you can grill vegetables and meats to give it that wonderful grilled look and flavour. A really great benefit of these ovens is that they have an enamel coating that is easy to clean. Now that is good to hear.

The 120cm Concept Gas Electric Cooker makes cooking and baking easier and more fun. Just make sure that you have enough space in your kitchen because this kitchen oven and hob is rather large measuring at 900 millimetres high, 1200 millimetres wide so it is 1,2 meters wide, and 600 millimetres in depth. This kitchen appliance will work well in a big kitchen where you have a lot of space to move around.

Having three ovens plus a large cooktop is every avid home chef’s dream. It gives you the freedom to make many dishes at the same time which is ideal for those home chefs who cook meals and bake cakes for their own family birthday parties or functions.

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