Horlicks Chews

Horlicks ChewsHorlicks chews

Horlicks was something I never enjoyed as a kid. Crazy how one’s palate changes all the time. So what don’t you like?

I dare you … give it a try.


Makes about 64 pieces

285 g salted butter

150 g white sugar

295 g cake flour

95 g Horlicks powder

melted white chocolate,

for coating

Horlicks powder, for coating


1          Cream the butter and sugar well together.

2          Add the flour and Horlicks powder, combining very well.

3          Grease a 24 × 34 cm baking tray. Press the dough into the tray and prick

well with a fork.

4          Bake in a preheated oven at 160°C for 15 minutes, or until cooked (they should be soft and chewy).

5          Leave to cool slightly in the tray before cutting into finger-sized shapes.

6          Coat with melted white chocolate, sprinkle with Horlicks powder and

leave to set.