#SibaXTotai- Its official, The Siba Co has partnered with Totai

After holding out on partnerships for many years you might ask, why Totai? Well its simple, the product range is elegant yet super functional. I love the fact that there is so much variety amongst the ranges of their different brands as it gives you the space to express yourself. The brand is also very family orientated and run as such, which makes me feel at home.

The journey thus far has been extremely exciting for the team at The Siba Co. Having to choose a product range to suit our space and then adapting that space to accommodate two kitchen set-ups. Yes! Two kitchen set-ups. During this process there were many factors which we had to consider, including: the size of the units we wanted and whether to go for freestanding cookers or a combination of built-in products. With the wide range of products under the Elba and Elica brands this was not an easy task. However, with the help of the Totai team we managed to select two 90cm combination Gas and Electric freestanding cookers from the Italian made Elba range which is great as we need to rearrange the kitchen from time to time to meet our needs.

We then selected our Elica extractors to compliment these cookers. Also designed and manufactured in Italy, we opted for the Shinning Island unit and the Sweet Copper wall mounted unit. These two rose gold extractors add that pizzazz, to our kitchen space, that has become synonymous with The Siba Co.

Prior to the renovation our innovation Kitchen and Studio (my work office and kitchen space) was workable, it allowed me the space and environment to create in peace, but after three years it needed a bit of what I call  ava va voom, as the dynamics had changed and we had grown , most certainly grown over that period and needed a fresh new look to reflect where the business is at the moment. We upped our game and needed equipment that could keep up with The Siba Co and we have met our match with Elica and Elba!

During October my new Elba, Elica and Totai products arrived and it was like Christmas at the Siba Co that day! We all patiently gathered around these giant boxes dying to unwrap our beautiful new equipment. The Siba Co is a proudly female run and managed company thus far, so we did need to get some muscle in to help with the leg work.

We are also very stringent on health and safety, so my tip is to spend that little bit extra and get someone to install your units properly and to make sure that the electricals and gas are in working order and follows all the regulations and laws. You have taken the time to choose your beautiful units so in my opinion, they deserve the time and effort to get them in the right way! In summary we selected where we wanted everything installed and then made some delicious coffee and excitedly encouraged the professional team as they installed the equipment.

The products are fabulous!

Let’s talk about functionality, I love the fact that my new cookers are both electric and gas, power cuts are no longer going to mess with mealtimes or recipe testing in the kitchen. The gas also allows me to control the temperature more accurately on the cooker, which has always been one my favourite features in having a gas stove.

Aesthetically the products are beautiful, they are so unique and make a real statement in the kitchen, which is exactly what I am after. You can mix and match your cookers to your extractor fans to achieve a designer look or go for one simple streamline look by choosing matching options. I am in love with my cookers and simply obsessed with the extractor fans that also serve as brilliant lighting fixtures and statement pieces of décor!

I am proud to be aligned with such a beautiful brand and cannot wait to share some of my newest recipes with my fans, all created, tested and prepared on and with my gorgeous new products. I am taking things to the next level with my Elba, Elba and Totai.