The Elba Experience by Jackie Cameron

Elba is a brand, a brand that represents a whole new experience on cooking appliances when cooking using an Elba stove it makes you want to take your cooking to the next level.


At the Jackie Cameron School of food and wine, Chef Jackie Cameron has joined forces with Elba and has given us the opportunity to work and use Elba stoves given the versatility of the stoves we have provided for us.


My experience with an Elba stove is like no other, it has gas and electric function the stove tops being gas and ovens being electric and did I mention two hot plates all in one stove.


Elba stoves are a true and ideal design for Chef’s, with a spacious oven and a built-in timer and multi oven function you can pull off the perfect soufflé and perfect your medium rare steak. Elba offers ranges of stoves that are fit for your home and have functionality like no other, it offers spacious design but doesn’t overwhelm your kitchen and the number of ranges comes in different colours to go with the mood of your kitchen.


Cooking with and Elba really does bring out the talent for cooking, it’s where all our family meals were cooked at the Jackie Cameron School of food and wine and our personal dinners and lunches. Our Elba stoves represented a need, a need for one in your home and as a budding Chef, it’s an asset because it provides a feeling of comfort when using it and let’s not forget the functionality.


In conclusion, I am very lucky to have been associated with such an amazing brand, if it occurs that your stove losses a hinge or something needs to be replaced it is just a call away, with an amazing look and finish to these stoves are hard to resist and you definitely cannot resist making that amazing Sunday roast in it.