Why Should You Upgrade to a Gas Stove?

Is your stove ready for an upgrade? You will be faced with a simple question when first deciding what your new stove will be, gas or electric? There are advantages for both but I will making a case today for opting for gas.

A gas stove may be an ideal selection if you are an active home cook who appreciates temperature control or you want a stove that would work in a power outage.

When using gas, there is direct contact, thus the flames on a makro gas stove will immediately begin to heat your pots and pans. On top of this, they will stay at a average heat as long as you don’t adjust the temperature with the knob to either increase or decrease the amount of gas being fed to through.

Whether you’re trying to simmer a dish or maintain a rolling boil, you’ll achieve more efficient cooking with a steadier temperature.

Of course with our electricity situation extremely unstable and unreliable, it would be really nice to have the option of still being able to cook hot meals or even boil the kettle to make a hot cup of coffee or a bottle for the baby.

Another major advantage of cooking with gas that goes unspoken of is that it can Help save the environment. Gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. It produces less carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, dissolved solids or airborne particulates, all of which can be harmful to human and animal health.

Cooking with gas is also more cost effective as you save money because gas cooking cooks faster than electricity and it also lasts longer! This is such a great benefit as the extra money you are saving can now go towards extra food or a little spoil for you and the family.