Why You Should Get Yourself a Gas Stove

Whether you are looking for a new stove, you are often caught between choosing an electric stove or a gas one. Each has its own set of pros and cons. A lot also depends on your budget and the size of your kitchen space. For many of us who grew up just knowing and using electric stoves, that when we finally move on we follow familiar footsteps? You can change by trying something new! Get yourself a “Gas stove”. There are plenty of reasons why gas stoves are preferred by professional chefs. You too can find out why. It is important to ensure that a gas stove is properly maintained for you to enjoy years of cooking on it. You can trust that a gas stove will last a lifetime if taken care of.

Why Cook With Gas

One of the main benefits of having a gas stove especially in South Africa where load shedding has become a concern, cooking with gas saves you when there is no electricity. It works without power so it doesn’t get affected by power outages, you are still able to cook or bake. Gas stoves allow you to simply twist the gas dial and you instantly have heat and control over your heat levels while cooking. They also may be the clear winner when it comes to easy to use. Although some electric stoves heat up more quickly, gas stoves can control the level of heat more rapidly and easily by turning the flame up or down. The difference with a gas stove is once your turn off the heat is instantly turned off, whereas with an electric stove burners take longer to cool off, so if you leave a pot on the stove it may keep cooking and could burn – even if you’ve turned off the heat.

How to Keep Your Gas Stove Clean

When it comes to most cooktops cleaning them are easy. Flat cooktops with smooth flat surfaces make it stress-free to clean. Gas ones may be a bit different because they have parts that must be removed before cleaning. Regular cleaning will also prevent grease fires and reduce damages on your stove. To clean your gas stove simply remove the burner parts, clean the stovetop and you can clean the burners in the sink. It is best to refrain from using abrasive cleaning products for your stoves surfaces. If you would like to minimize the use of harsh chemicals, you can clean your stove with baking soda or vinegar. Baking soda is a great cleaning agent to remove harsh stains, just like vinegar and they are both gentle on the environment and your budget.

Energy Efficient

It takes three times as much energy to deliver electricity to your stove than it is with gas. Buying a gas stove can save you money in the long run and you can trim down on your electricity bill. Depending on how much time you spend cooking, the only concern you will have is refilling your gas from time to time. Luckily gas is cost-effective and it will last long. Gas and electric stove may be fairly similar in price, but the efficiency of the typical gas stove will save you long term.

Are you ready to buy a gas stove? From trusted supplies for some of the world’s leading brands – Makro gas stoves supply you with our quality Italian inspired cooking appliances and gas stoves. As with most things, quality does come with a price, gas appliances are typically more expensive to purchase than electric appliances. Keep your eyes peeled for gas stoves for sale.  You will reap the benefits of your gas stove for years to come!